The Top Ten Ways to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

Here are Kim's top ten tips for adding curb appeal to your home (with deference to David Letterman).

  1. Light it up! Outdoor lighting not only brightens a home and makes it more visible from the street, it adds a measure of safety and security.
  2. A fresh coat of paint - Does the house or accent trim need a fresh coat of paint? How does the siding look?
  3. Add shutters — If the home has no shutters perhaps it needs some?
  4. Flower power - Flowers add a bright touch to walkways and garden areas. Add container gardens and window boxes, Clay pots and window boxes can brighten up porches and decks and garage entrances.
  5. Clean and declutter - Are you tripping over your kids' toys in the front yard? Is the patio furniture broken? What about piles of wood or debris? Be sure they are removed!
  6. Front yard facelift — Spruce up your lawn (and don't forget the mailbox). Add mulch where needed to gardens, add new house numbers or replace the mailbox altogether with something that matches the home.
  7. Replace gutters and downspouts - Rusty, broken downspouts can be replaced with newer easy-maintenance systems.
  8. Repair driveways/walkways/fencing - Be sure the driveway isn't cracked or crumbling. Same goes for fences or walkways in disrepair,
  9. Replace Old hardware - Something as simple as a new door knocker or replacing a light fixture can create a visible difference.
  10. Make an entrance! Give the front door a fresh coat of paint and be sure there are some flowers nearby. Tile the entryway, install molding around the door, paint the floor or add a new doormat,

Buffalonians relish their beautiful, warm summers and what better time to think "curb appeal" if you are considering putting your house on the market? Seasoned Williamsville Realtor Kim Addelman says that this is the ideal time for some easy makeovers that will create a more appealing home for prospective buyers.

"'You never get a second chance to make a first impression really is one of my favorite expressions," says Addelman, an accredited staging professional and real estate agent with over 15 years’ experience. "You only have a few seconds to get the buyer to either pull up to the house, stop, get out and call the listed real estate agent or make a decision to pass by. If a buyer sees things falling apart on the outside that's what he or she is going to think is happening on the inside."

"According to the National Association of REALTORS' curb appeal actually sells 49% of all houses," says Addelman.

"These days an online curb appeal is also important to consider since so many people start their home purchases online,"

One thing that helps when preparing to sell your home is to take an objective look at your neighborhood," says Addelman. "View it with a fresh set of eyes and even take pictures of the homes you like. What is it about them that makes them appealing?" Addelman, who was a residential designer for five years before entering real estate says, "'You can learn from some of your star neighbors,"