Village of Williamsville



Welcome to the historic Village of Williamsville. Located northeast of downtown Buffalo, this village has an upscale small town feel. This charming spot offers one of the best walking neighborhoods in the Western New York area. Great restaurants and an eclectic array of shops line Main Street. The beautiful Glen Falls and Historic Water Mill serve as the Village centerpiece

History of Williamsville

This quaint village has its roots in the War of 1812. When invading British burned the City of Buffalo to the ground, the fleeing citizens turned to Williamsville for refuge.

At The Eagle House, a restaurant that still stands today you can see the rich history of Williamsville. The Eagle House was a “nightly stopover for passengers and wagons traveling from Buffalo to Batavia”, and legend has it that it was a part of the Underground Railroad, “providing a safe haven for those moving from the U.S. to Canada before the Civil War began”.

This history is evident through the colonial style homes and businesses that line the streets of the Village of Williamsville. The original 1811 Williamsville Water Mill built by Jonas Williams (for whom the village is named) proudly still stands as a village landmark for the community to enjoy.

Landmarks in Williamsville

  • Williamsville Water Mill
  • Cambria Castle – Dream Island
  • Village Meeting House & Museum
  • Hopkins Block – Roneker Building 1854
  • Williamsville Classical Institute
  • Glen Park
  • Patriots and Heroes Park

Why Buy a House in Williamsville?

  • The Williamsville Central School District is one of the better public school systems in the nation.
  • Williamsville has six elementary schools, four middle schools and three high schools.
  • One of the top business districts in New York State.
  • Great walkability throughout the village.
  • Glen Park
  • The village is lined with shops and restaurants that are diverse in nature!

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