The town of Clarence is located northeast of downtown Buffalo and quaint with plenty of history. Local Native Americans called the area Ta-Num-No-Ga-O, which means "Place of Hickory Bark." The town itself continues to grow today with many new families and individuals moving in and building new space of their own.

History of Clarence

Clarence, NY was the first town to be established in Erie County back in 1808..

The beginnings of Clarence were rooted in the agricultural background, which was the chief source of income for locals. Things later changed at the end of the 19th century when new industries were introduced to the town. These industries included potash mining, gypsum mining, and brick kilns.

Landmarks in Clarence

  • Clarence Center
  • Spaulding Lake
  • Great Pumpkin Farm
  • Clarence Town Park
  • Antique World Market
  • Tillman Road Wildlife Management Areak

Why Buy a House in Clarence?

  • Clarence has 12 elementary schools, 6 middle schools, 6 high schools and 19 private & charter schools
  • Clarence is one of the safest neighborhoods in Erie County
  • There are events happening all year round

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