Glowing Words For a Good Neighbor

I am writing on behalf of the Massachusetts Avenue Project to enthusiastically recommend Kim Addelman of Hunt ERA for the Good Neighbor Award. Over the past four years, Kim has selflessly contributed her time, money and talents to our organization and the families we serve, and encouraged others to do the same. We have nicknamed her our Guardian Angel because whenever we need something she'll either help us herself or find someone who can.

The Massachusetts Avenue Project (MAP) is a grassroots community organization devoted to community revitalization on Buffalo's West Side, most of the families we serve live below the poverty level and in single parent households. MAPs programs include family support services, tutoring. art education, civic leadership, community gardening, and Food Ventures, a micro-enterprise program.

We first met Kim in 1998 when the office volunteered to help us do a playground clean-up for the United Way's day of caring, From that day on. Kim has been the driving force behind organizing Christmas, Valentine's, Easter and Halloween parties for the children we serve. Kim and her colleagues take extraordinary measures to make sure our kids get at least one Christmas present under a decorated tree, have the opportunity to carve a pumpkin at Halloween and receive an Easter basket. These are all the things other children may take for granted, but many of our kids never get a chance to experience. Last fall she and Blane Neubauer organized a school supply drive for our kids, and effort that was much needed and much appreciated.

The effect of Kim's kindness has been far reaching, more than I think she even knows. Not only has she given our children wonderful experiences and memories, she has brought people together in ways that have broken down barriers and built bridges. Kim not only gives generously of her own resources, she encourages and inspires others to give of their time and energy. Her efforts to bring together people of different ages, races, and income levels, have helped ID break down stereotypes and build relationships, She genuinely cares about the children and families in our neighborhood and her efforts have touched many lives. Kim does all this, not expecting anything in in return.

Her energy, generosity and caring are an inspiration to us all. She embodies the definition of a good neighbor.

Diane E, Picard
Outreach Center Coordinator